Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Well, it is two days after Christmas, and I am back in the office. There are 8 other people here. It is great because I can get stuff done without people bugging me, or I can goof off and no one knows :)

I also got a Christmas present from the craziest of my salespeople. It was a $50 giftcard to Victoria's Secret. I thanked her, and I appreciate it, but I hope she realizes she has not bought my soul. She tends to give gifts like she is paying your randsom, and you will be endebted to her forever. Yeah, been there, done that, and none of the t-shirts fit. I will take my giftcard and go home, thank you.

The fiancee is in Florida for the rest of the week. He was gone Saturday - Tuesday, got home and turned right back around to go work. It sucks but I know he has to do it. The worst part was that we spent our holidays apart AGAIN - mostly because this is my last year that I can refuse to go to his parents' house just because I don't want to go, and I can do that becuase we are not married. He didn't even want to go home. On one level I think that it is really sad that people can be so manipulative and controlling that they drive those they love away. On the other hand, they are pretty psycho, and they are at the age where they will be damned if they change, so I don't want to be around them either. In all of our pre-marital classes/counseling, the issue always comes back to his mother. She is absolutely going to be the biggest issue of our marriage, and the worst part is that she has another good 20 - 25 years left in her. I'm going to go straight to hell for pondering her death already.